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Proud History....
U.S. Ultralight Association Club #5
Perris, California
One of the Oldest Active Ultralight Clubs

Ultralight and Sport Pilots of America

Ultralight Squadron of America
Roving Photographer
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Spit & Polish Field Day ~ Thank you for the great job! Here's a few of the tasks we worked on...
Doug Bauer
John Mock
Les Seymour & John Mock
Doug Bauer paints the club house ramp
John Mock tweaks our router
Les Seymour & John Mock repair the field webcams
Doug Bauer repairs Bingonna water leak
Doug Bauer
Ron Kildebeck attacks the weeds
Ron Kildebeck
Bob VanPatten & Paul Straight
Bob VanPatten & Paul Straight adds sand to wet paint on club house ramp preventing slips
Walt Snyder
Walt Snyder cleans Bingonna frig
Gary Pittman
Gary Pittman cuts weeds
Larry Preston & Mat Roden
Larry Preston & Mat Roden clean the Bingonna
Borrego Valley L08 Fly-Out ~ A perfect weekend of great friends, new friends, flying, and food. 

San Diego Rotorcraft Club - PRA-31 (Popular Rotorcraft Association) joined us bringing Dave Bacon's KB2, Ben Suissa's sport copter, and "Patches" a fixed wing plane flown by Doug Humn and John Roundtree who gave sight seeing flights over Salton Sea.
Home Base
The Pilots & Ground Support
Al Ronke,Walt Snyder, Lloyd McFarlane,Dave Bacon,Gary Pittman,a Pretty Lady,Ben Suissa,Bob Givens,Ed Winter, Jim & Marcie Farthing and 3 new friends
The Short Order Cook & Customers
Al Ronke, Jim & Marcie Farthing, Lloyd McFarlane

The Flight Line
Ben Suissa & his Sport Copter
Tag Team Tent Pitching
Jim Farthing & Lloyd McFarlane

Dave Bacon & his KB2
PRA-31 Gyro Copter pilots
Walt Snyder flying over shore of Salton Sea
The Bad Lands
Watching the aerobatic air show
Ron Kildebeck in his GT-400 Demonstrates how to miss the bottles in the Torpedo Competition
Watch how Gary Pittman, Lloyd McFarlane, Doug Bauer, and Bryan Harmon show us how to Ace our flying competition. links send you to YouTube
Gary Pitman shares views from his GT-400
Palomar Observatory
Orange County Coast
Looking South

Dana Point Harbor