Perris Airpark Arrival / Departure Pattern
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Ultralight and Sport Pilots of America

Ultralight Squadron of America
Proud History....
U.S. Ultralight Association Club #5
Perris, California
One of the Oldest Active Ultralight Clubs

Airpark Operations
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Elevation: 1412 ft
Pattern Alitutde: 200' AGL (1600 MSL)
Traffic Pattern: Right/Left
Runways: 36/18  (decomposed gravel)
Preferred Landing RWY: 36
Departure RWY: 18

Club Frequency: 123.450 MHz
Club Air-to-Air #1: 136.100 MHz
Club Air-to-Air #2: 136.200 MHz

*Non-towered radio
communications are
Perris L65 Operations
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Elevation: 1412 ft
Traffic Pattern: Left
Runways: 15/33

UNICOM: 122.775 MHz*
Jumpers: 122.900 MHz

IMPORTANT Safety Information
Perris Ultralight Park is located underneath the March ARB Class-C airspace.  Familiarize yourself with this March ARB Collision Avoidance pamphlet to understand the March ARB aircraft and their departure/approach routes.