Our members fly one or more powered parachutes, helicopters, ultralights, and light sport aircraft.  The Perris Valley Ultralight Park is our home, pictured above, adjacent to Perris Valley L65 Airport. Airpark Information

Our goal is to promote safe flight, fun, fellowship, and lots of flying.  Our monthly meeting is held on the first Saturday of the month (unless it's a holiday weekend then it's the second Saturday).  At 0800 our pilots compete in the bomb drop, bowling, and precision landing completion; it's fun to watch and compete! Our club meeting starts at 1000, followed by lunch at 1100. Check out our other activities; Event Schedule

Fly-ins and drive-ins are both welcome. Come see what we are about; watch the competition, talk with our members FacePage, attend our meeting, and join us for a great lunch. We look forward to meeting you! 

You may contact Gary Pittman(Club President) 714-448-7668 for additional information.

Ultralight Sport Pilots of America

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Proud History....
U.S. Ultralight Association Club #5
Perris, California
One of the Oldest Active Ultralight Clubs

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*Safety Reminders:
#1 ~ Perris Ultralight Park is located underneath the March ARB Class-C airspace.  Familiarize Yourself with this March ARB Collision Avoidance pamphlet to Understand the March ARB aircraft and their Departure/Approach Routes.
#2 ~ Review
the Airpark Flight Pattern
#3 ~ Radio Calls are Required ~ Taxing and Pattern Position


Who We Are...
We are the center for Powered Light Flying in Southern California.  If you are new to light powered flight we are the place to have your questions answered, see the various aircraft our members fly, and make new friends.  If you are an experienced pilot come share your experiences and join us in our group flights.  We invite you to place your landing gear on the ground here, call us home, and make recreational powered light flying in Perris Valley and Southern California a part of your life. Become a Member